Travel Writer Policy

Thank you for your interest in the Winchester area! We would love to help you write or produce a story about Winchester. Please contact Beth Rhoton(bethrhoton [at] winchester-tn [dot] com):

To get started, here is what we will need from you:

  • Name(s) of journalist and/or photographer
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • e-mail and Web addresses  
  • Publication name 
  • Letter of assignment (if working for a specific publication)
  • Arrival date and departure date
  • Types of activities or special interest/focus of story/special requests

If approved, we will provide the following services to travel writers:

  • Press Pass for writers and photographers whose names are listed on the bylines of the tear sheets.
  • Complimentary rooms for up to 2 nights for writers on assignment. If the writer is not on assignment, it is up to the individual property to decide if services will be complimentary or at a reduced rate. Accommodations are subject to availability.
  • Photographic Images are available should you need pictures to accompany your story.

Please note that meals are not provided by the city. It is up to individual properties to decide if meals will be complimentary or at a reduced rate upon the writer's request.

We ask that you give us at least two business weeks notice before your arrival to faciltate arrangements.

Also, tear sheets of any subsequent stories on the Winchester area are to be provided to the city upon publication.