Tims Ford Lake

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Tims Ford Reservoir is on the Elk River in south central Tennessee. It extends 34 miles upstream to the northeast from Tims Ford Dam. Tims Ford's sprawling arms of water are popular with canoeists, kayakers, and anglers.

In addition to power generation and recreation, Tims Ford provides water supply and flood damage reduction downstream on the Elk River, primarily for Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Facts & Figures         

  • Construction of Tims Ford Dam began in 1966 and was completed in 1970.
  • The dam is 175 feet high and stretches 1,580 feet across the Elk River.
  • The water level in Tims Ford Reservoir varies about 15 feet in a normal year.
  • Tims Ford has a flood-storage capacity of 219,600 acre-feet.
  • The hydroelectric plant at Tims Ford consists of one generating unit.
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