Brian Grant

“The only way to have eternal love is to never let your heart forget what it’s like to live without it.”— Sherrilyn Kenyon 

Brian started every entry on his BrainWaves blog with a quote. A quote that would encapsulate his story that day. This quote, about eternal love, is one that encapsulates Brian: loving, kind, and always by your side. He may have passed, but we all still continue to feel his presence because he has become part of each of us. He taught us about eternal love through his kindness, through his friendship, through his passion and generosity… and now, because of him, none of us will ever live without it. 

Brian Nicholas Grant was born in Winchester, Tennessee on November 16, 1985. And, it’s there, that he returned home for his resting place after 32 years of living and loving by example. 

Brian was an outstanding citizen of our country because he was a truly outstanding person. He was kind to his peers, courteous to adults, thoughtful with his actions and, most importantly, loved his family and friends. 

Brian’s gentle soul was filled with creativity and passion. As early as sixth grade, his creative talent was expressed through clever cartoons and characters he’d draw on notes and pass around. He was the first to take a simple idea and turn it into something better. That creativity turned into a passion to succeed and to make a difference. During his senior year, he entered the beloved Ford Sport Trak for the annual homecoming parade with his original Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” theme and won first place. 

He pushed everyone around him to be better and kinder, and this mentality helped motivate several of his classmates to accomplish so much and to contribute to the Franklin County community. Brian would do anything for his family, friends, and community. His drive to make everyone — and everything — around him the best it could be is what made him our best friend, our beloved son and brother, and an outstanding citizen of Franklin County. 

Brian was not afraid of hard work and building connections with people. He used those wonderful traits to convince his local school board to allow him to shoot a movie he wrote and directed himself in the construction of the new Franklin County High School. He loved the movies, and he was brave — and bold — enough to take on the challenge himself. 

Since he was first able to hold a camera, he was already dreaming of making movies and entertaining others. From his family news show “News at Eight, Late”, to demonstrating how to correctly make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on “Cooking with Brian”. His mother fondly remembers watching movies together, and then him rushing upstairs to rummage through his closet and returning as a policeman, a burglar, or even a preacher. Even at child, all he wanted to do was entertain others. He went on to graduate with honors in 2008 from the University of Miami, Florida, where he was also a founding father of Beta Theta Pi. His love for learning was evident — having attended schools in three different States — he was always excited to expand his mind. 

Never one for complacency, Brian then filled the rest of his time working with Studio Services of Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles, and got to fulfill his dream of working in the film industry. 

Writing became Brian’s leading passion, and he shared his creative writing with others through his BrainWaves blog ( It’s those very words that has given him eternal life, and those words have inspired us all to be braver, bolder, and kinder.  

Brian’s shared his love of reading with his love of the “art” of coffee, usually with Lionel Richie, Kenny Chesney, and Elton John playing in the background. 

For six years, he battled a brain tumor and never once complained. He bore every set back with a smile and with hope. He met every obstacle with indescribable grace and faced every challenge with inconceivable courage.  

His blog became his outlet, and our portal into his mind. His writing exposed his pain, his fears, his frustrations and, most importantly, exposed his hope and his love. It is his life, and his words, that inspired us all to be better. He taught us the importance of dreams and proved that nothing should ever stop us from reaching for them. Even when he was at his weakest, he never stopped writing and never stopped fighting. 

The tumor did not stop his dreams and his drive. He remained a student at Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Administration, where he was pursuing an MBA. His determination was relentless, and his drive truly inspirational. 

Brian never acted as a victim, never complained, never once demanded or wanted pity. His courage, bravery, and kind soul inspired all of us to be more, to complain less, and to not sweat the small stuff. He left us too young, but with wisdom and strength that was far beyond his years. 

The last fourteen months that Brian got to spend at home, surrounded by friends and family, were truly special. His friends at Jimmy Kimmel Live said “A new star lights the night sky… and its name is Brian”, proof that he will be missed by the movie and entertainment industry he loved so much. 

Brian’s family will always treasure his endless talents and the beautiful rendition of  “Endless Love” he played on his piano. “The Five” will always be a part in all that we do, because he ensured we all felt loved and appreciated. 

“How wonderful life is while you’re in the world” from “Your Song” by Elton John was his favorite line from his favorite song. Brian is that lyric for us all, and his life is the music we hear every time we think about our special little man with a big heart. His memory will serve as a constant reminder that angels do live amongst us. 

We will always remember Brian as our friend. And, now, we will know him as our angel. 

Our dear Brian left a footprint on this Earth… and in all our hearts. 

Brian started every blog post with a quote because he used those famous words to inspire his writing, and his life. So, in closing, we will use his words to remind us all of the strength, the love, and the compassion he has inspired in us all. “We aren’t conformed by an illness, but rather awoken by its power to change our lives in hopes of inspiring others.” — Brian Nicholas Grant 

In closing: As Jimmy Kimble Live said, A new star shines over us tonight (February 13, 2018) and its name is “Brian” - so let’s go look into the Heavens - after all, you don’t have to see angels - you can feel their presence!

Written by: Quinn Da Matta

Los Angeles, CA

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