Police Department

Mission Statement

The Winchester Police Department is committed to the protection of life and the prevention of crime and disorder. With an emphasis on Community Policing, we will build partnerships and seek proactive approaches and innovative solutions to address crime and other safety issues in our community, which adversely affect our daily lives. Through prompt, efficient, and courteous service, we will strive towards our ultimate goal of creating a better quality of life for our citizens, visitors and ourselves.

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Highway Safety

The Winchester Police Department believes in highway safety. One of the main objectives of the department is making the highways safer for our citizens by detecting and apprehending impaired drivers. Drivers are often impaired by substances other than alcohol. These substances can include illegal drugs, prescribed drugs, inhalants and in some cases, natural herbs that cause adverse effects on the human body. The definition of a "drug" is any substance which when introduced into the human body can impair the ability of the person to operate a vehicle safely. In October 2004 all 17 patrol officers were certified in standardized field sobriety testing and in September 2005 the Winchester Police Department was one of seven departments in the state to have an officer certified as a Drug Recognition Expert in the field of impaired driving.


The Winchester ICAC unit is a specialized investigative unit working on Internet Crimes Against Children. We work in conjunction with the Federal and State ICAC task forces and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We work to identify child predators that exploit children through the production and file sharing of child pornography. Contact Ronnie Durm(ronniedurm [at] winchester-tn [dot] com)

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Special Operations

The Special Operations Unit is comprised of officers that are trained in Basic and Advanced SWAT. In high risk situations this team is utilized when all other resources have expired. Officers on this team are often called on for situations such as high risk search warrants, barricaded suspects and hostage situations.

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Public Awareness and Education

Public Awareness and Education is the key to any successful program. Each year the Winchester Police Department teams with area businesses and school systems to promote several events throughout the year. With safety fairs, preparedness drills, and hands-on demonstrations the community can see first hand the work and the preparation that goes into everyone one these programs. Events such as flu clinics, kids day, and community events offer law enforcement the opportunity to reach out to each citizen through public awareness and education.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods is a nationwide commitment to reduce gun crime in America by networking existing local programs that target gun crime and providing these programs with additional tools necessary to be successful. The Bush Administration committed over $1 billion to the effort in its first four years. In 2003 the Winchester Police Department received a $49,000 grant from the Office of Justice Programs to support investigators, provide training, distribute gun lock safety kits, deter juvenile gun crime and develop and promote community outreach efforts as well as to support other gun violence reduction strategies. This has been a very successful program and the Winchester Police Department has successfully prosecuted 23 violent gun offenders, making the streets safer for our citizens.

Staff Roster

Chief Richard Lewis
Deputy Chief Kelly Gass
Captain Jeff Miller
Detective Ronnie Durm
Detective Jamie Cox
Detective Robert Morris
Detective Ryan Fuller
Detective Brian Wilder
Sergeant Stacy Shrum
Sergeant/Motor Officer Lamar Howard
Sergeant Gus Raby
Sergeant Tony Fulmer
Patrolman Bruce Smith
Patrolman/Motor Officer Bill Mitchell
Patrolman Larry Fraley
Patrolman/Motor Officer James Wrisner
Patrolman Cody Bishop
Patrolman Kameron Bolin
Patrolman Aaron Tiner
Patrolman Charles Kochans
Patrolman Tristan Delacruz
Patrolmnan Emily Huston
Patrolman Robbie Wilkinson
Public Safety Officer Scott Brothers
Records Clerk Nikki Clark 

Contact Us

Winchester Police Department
401 2nd Avenue Southwest
Winchester, TN 37398

(931) 967-3840

Chief Richard Lewis(ritchielewis [at] winchester-tn [dot] com)