Tims Ford Blueway

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The Tims Ford Blueway is designed to meet the interests of a growing population of paddlers. The town of Estill Springs is located at the northernmost end of the Blueway. In the early 1800s the town’s mineral springs attracted individuals in pursuit of the reputed curative qualities of the water. Today, the remaining springs are still the source of the town’s water supply. Further downstream is the city of Winchester. The historic district offers antique shops, art galleries and fine dining. Access to the Blueway as well as camping is available at the City Park. Nearby Tims Ford State Park is named for an early river crossing and is known for its scenic views, natural surroundings and biologically significant habitats. The park offers camping,cabin rentals, a marina, hiking and biking trails with spectacular views of the reservoir, and access to the Blueway. Five islands, accessible only by boat, can be reserved for primitive camping through the state park.

Map of Tims Ford Blueway