Fire Department

Winchester Fire Dept Seal

Mission Statement

"Protecting Your Tomorrow"
The Winchester Fire Department shall strive for excellence in the performance of our duty and in the service we provide to all citizens. We shall be an organization of men and women who hold devotion to duty above personal risk. We will count sincerity of service above personal comfort and convenience. We shall strive increasingly to find better ways of protecting our fellow Firefighters and the lives, homes, and property of our fellow citizens from the ravages of fire and other disasters.

Fire Fighters

Chief Gary Greeson
Assistant Chief Terry Derryberry
Captain Robin Hood
Lieutenant Tony Reed
Firefighter Kaleb Tyree
Firefighter Kyle Stewart
Firefighter Jason Montgomery
Firefighter Jeff Collins
Firefighter John Hodosi
Firefighter Steve Franklin
Firefighter Sam Pierce
Firefighter John Hill
Firefighter Tyler Pitre

Retired Captain Wayne Morris
Retired Assistant Chief Rickey Arnold
Firefighter Eddie Scharer
Firefighter Johnny Trussell
Safety Officer Larry Hill
Firefighter Mitch Turrentine
Firefighter Steve Macon
Firefighter Pearson Brock
Firefighter Michael McCarver
Firefighter Ronnie Lee
Firefighter George Trussell
Firefighter Johnathan Raven Baker
Firefighter Mitchell Cates
Firefighter Madison Beachy
Firefighter Josh Jackson

Burn Permits

The Winchester Fire Dept. requires a burn permit for all open burning within the city limits!  Contact the Winchester Fire Dept. seven days a week at (931)967-2267

Only naturally grown (dry) vegetation can be disposed of by open burning. (Per EPA)  All fires must be out by dark!

Contact Us

Winchester Fire Department
115 1st AVE NW
Winchester, TN  37398
(931) 967-2267  phone
(931) 967-2266  fax

Chief Gary Greeson(garygreeson [at] winchester-tn [dot] com)