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It is an exciting time to be in Winchester, Tennessee!  From 2000 – 2010, the population of Winchester grew by 16.4% or approximately 1,200 residents.  While the City of Winchester is proud of the economic opportunities and great quality of life that drew these new citizens to become a part of our community, there are efforts underway to continue building upon our success.  The City of Winchester currently waits in anticipation of final approval for the Twin Creeks Marina project which is set to bring a new wave of commercial and residential development to the shores of Tims Ford Lake. As part of these efforts, the City is continuing a progressive Community Development Program to maintain and improve the quality of life for all citizens of Winchester.  Whether a long time resident or someone interested in locating here, your input is essential to ensuring that the city’s needs are being met, so please feel free to contact us(lisaclark [at] winchester-tn [dot] com) to share your thoughts and ideas.

While Winchester has achieved publicized notoriety as a top retirement community in Tennessee, the city also feels that there can be a peaceful coexistence between this residential sanctuary and growth of our commercial and industrial communities. The scenic beauty of this community nestled between the Cumberland Mountain range and the shores of Tims Ford Lake make Winchester a prime residential and vacation destination.  Likewise, Winchester is strategically located within a geographic triangle of the cities of Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, as well as Huntsville, Alabama.  Access is easily available via Interstate 24 and Interstate 65.  The dual carriageway of Highway 64 provides easy access to either of the interstate highways.   


Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals – Application Deadline & Meeting Dates:

·Agenda Application Deadline for the Winchester Municipal/Regional Planning Commission or Winchester Board of Zoning Appeals is typically set for close of business on the first Monday of each month.  Exceptions are January and February, due to the third Monday of those months being a Federal Holiday.  The application submittal deadline is close of business on the second Monday during those months.  The Community Development Office is open from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM

·Meeting dates for the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals are typically set to occur on the third Monday of each month.  Exceptions are January and February due to the third Monday of those months being a Federal Holiday.  During January and February, meetings are typically set for the fourth Monday of the month.  Standard start time is 5:30 PM.  Typically the Planning Commission meets first, with the Board of Zoning Appeals convening immediately upon conclusion of the Planning Commission adjournment.

Note:  Special called meetings of the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals can be requested.  Such special called meetings are subject to an additional fee and must be received in time to provide public notice in the local newspaper.  Typically, the public notice needs to appear at least seven (7) days prior to the special called meeting.

Design Review Commission – Application Deadline & Meeting Dates:

·Agenda Application Deadline for the Design Review Commission is typically set for the last Monday of a month.

 ·Design Review Commission (DRC) meetings are typical scheduled for the second Monday of a month.


Winchester’s Community Development Program is led by the Community Development Coordinator, Pat Sanders. Sanders is also the Building Official for the city and works under the direct supervision of the City Administrator, Beth Rhoton.  The Coordinator position is responsible for guiding future development and revitalization within Winchester and its planning region through close collaboration with citizens, public and private organizations, and the officials and staff of the City and other governmental entities.  The Coordinator also serves as staff for the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Design Review Commission.

Pat Sanders has served in a capacity of staff advisor for the City of Winchester since September, 2007.  From 2007 to June, 2011 the City received contracted aid from the State of Tennessee’s former Local Planning Assistance Office.  When that office was abolished, Daniel Galindo, who had served in as Winchester’s contracted community planning representative was hired as the initial Community Development Coordinator in August of 2011.  In April 2013, Tom Ore, a Professional Engineer, Registered Land Surveyor, and a retiree from Arnold Air Force Base, assumed the Community Development Coordinator role as a contracted employee.  Ore served in that capacity for one year before citing the need to devote full time to his Engineering and Survey business.  In May 2014, Sanders was designated the Community Development Coordinator responsibility and has served in that capacity since.  Prior to his employment with the City of Winchester, Sanders was employed by the City of Decherd as a Building Official, Planning Staff Advisor, and City Administrator.  Prior to that, Sanders had been employed for nearly two decades at Arnold Air Force Base.  During that stint he worked for Pan Am World Services, Schnider Services International, SSI Inc., and Aerospace Contractual Services (ACS) as support contractors to the US Air Force.     


Winchester Community Development Program
123 First Avenue N.W.
Winchester, TN  37398
(931) 962-8973

Community Development Coordinator – Pat Sanders(patsanders [at] winchester-tn [dot] com)

Community Development Administrative Assistant - Danielle McKinley(daniellemckinley [at] winchester-tn [dot] com)

City Administrator – Beth Rhoton(bethrhoton [at] winchester-tn [dot] com)


Page Revised: May 25, 2017