City Hall

City Hall is located at 7 South High St.  There you will be able pay you city taxes, purchase business and various permits, and City Court held here as well.

City Hall is open Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm

Office: (931) 967-2532

Fax: (931) 967-1553 



City Administrator Beth Rhoton

The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serves as the administrative head of City government.  She provides general guidance and management to City departments, executes Council policy and the long-range goals and objectives of the City Council, coordinates City efforts to accomplish cost savings and increased efficiencies, lobbies the State Legislature for more favorable consideration of City funding and legislative request, assist with the preparation the City’s annual budget and works with citizens.

The City Administrator attends all City Council meetings, sees the laws, policies, ordinances are enforced, and recommends to the Council, for adoption such measures as may be deemed necessary or expedient in the interest of the City of Winchester. 

Beth is a native of Winchester and has lived in Winchester most of her life. After obtaining her business degree from Middle Tennessee State she immediately began a career in law enforcement and private enterprise. Having worked for City and County governments since 1990, she accepted the Winchester City Administrator position in December 2002.  

Email: Beth Rhoton(bethrhoton [at] winchester-tn [dot] com)