Buildings & Codes

The City of Winchester is currently enforcing the following model codes.

Building Code:  International Building Code – 2012 Edition

Plumbing Code:  International Plumbing Code – 2012 Edition

Electrical Code:  National Electrical Code – 2008 Edition (or most recent electrical code adopted by the State of Tennessee)  Note: Electric Code enforcement is administered by the State of Tennessee Fire Marshal Office.

Housing Code: International Property Maintenance Code – 2012 Edition

Existing Buildings: Existing Building Code – 2012 Edition

Swimming Pool Code:

Public Pools – International Building Code Section 3109.3

Residential Pools – International Building Code Section 3109.4 & International Residential Code Appendix G

Residential Building Code: International Residential Code – 2012 Edition with the following local amendments.

Specific Amendment to Chapter 13:

(1) Section R313, Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems as pertaining to one and two family dwellings, and townhouses of three stories or less shall be excluded in entirety.

(2) In lieu of Section R313, local provision shall mandate that a minimum two (2) hour rated firewall be placed between dwelling units within townhouses of three stories or less.

Specific Amendment to Chapter 4:

(1)Section R403, Footing requirements shall be so that; single story dwelling footings be a minimum of thirteen (13) inch depth, eighteen (18) inch width, and a minimum of eight (8) inch concrete depth.  Two story dwelling footings be a minimum of thirteen (13) inch depth, twenty-four (24) inches wide with a minimum of two runs of No. 4 (1/2”) rebar and eight (8) inch concrete depth. Three story dwelling footings be a minimum of thirteen (13) inch depth, twenty-four (24) inches wide with a minimum of two runs of No. 5 (5/8”) rebar and minimum of (10) inch concrete depth.


Energy Conservation Code: International Energy Conservation Code – 2012 Edition(except that the provisions of the International Energy Conservation Code, 2006 edition, shall apply to the following occupancy classifications as defined by the International Building Code (IBC), 2012 edition)

(1) Moderate-hazard factory industrial, Group F-1

(2) Low-hazard factory industrial, Group F-2

(3) Moderate-hazard storage, Group S-1

(4) Low-hazard storage, Group S-2

Accessibility Code – ICC ANSI A117.1-2009

Fuel Gas Code:  See Elk River Public Utility District for local policy and requirements.           

The Building and Codes Department is located at 123 1st Avenue N. W., Winchester, Tennessee. The Building and Codes Official is Pat Sanders(patsanders [at] winchester-tn [dot] com). Sanders also acts as the Community Development Coordinator for the City of Winchester, working directly under the supervision of City Administrator, Beth Rhoton(bethrhoton [at] winchester-tn [dot] com).  As the Building and Codes Official, Sanders is responsible for the administration and supervision of the permitting process, field inspections, and codes enforcement programs adopted by the City of Winchester. The City of Winchester first implemented building codes in May 1964 by opting to adopt the Southern Building Code standard. The city continued to operate under various editions of the Southern Building Code until the formation of the International Code Council. The City has since adopted various editions of the International Code Council (ICC), with those listed above being the most recent adaptation.

Additionally, the Building and Codes Department is responsible for adopting and enforcing a property maintenance policies, health and sanitation standards, administering a slum clearance program, and enforcement of zoning regulations.

Administrative Assistant to Code Enforcement

The administrative assistant to the Codes Department is Danielle McKinley(daniellemckinley [at] winchester-tn [dot] com).

Codes Enforcement - Office phone number is (931)962-8973 and office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Building Permits 
Printable building permit form  

Email completed forms to Danielle McKinley(daniellemckinley [at] winchester-tn [dot] com).